My new album Artbreak was released on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2019. It is 23 tracks long, with guest appearances from Akil, Danielle Brooks, Lena Dunham, Blair Imani, Cheyenne Jackson, Heather Matarazzo, Debra Messing, Janet Mock, Sarah Rafferty, Gabourey Sidibe, and Nico Tortorella.

"Walsh turned to music and, like an endless purge of raw, unfiltered emotion, he put all he had into his lyrics and production. The result, an ambitious 23-song project called ARTBREAK, doesn't hold back, as Walsh bravely explores topics including infidelity, jealousy, and, in the middle of it all, spots of true joy and recovery... Listening to the album is akin to having a front row seat to a tragic pop opera, except everything Walsh sings about is real."

-Paper Magazine

01 Artbroken (feat. Danielle Brooks)

02 Fall Alone

03 On One Tonight

04 Guillotine (California Bound)

05 Human Integratron (feat. Blair Imani)

06 Moonlight

07 The Universe Within (feat. Cheyenne Jackson)

08 Psych Notes (feat. Carrie Fisher)

09 Deceit (feat. Janet Mock)

10 Deeper Well

11 68 Steps

12 Through the Floor

13 How Will I Know (feat. Gabourey Sidibe)

14 Invalid

15 The Young King (feat. Lena Dunham)

16 Topper

17 Scraps (feat. Sarah Rafferty)

18 I Was Here (feat. Akil)

19 We Are Revolting (feat. Debra Messing)

20 Dreams

21 Somewhere Else (feat. Nico Tortorella)

22 The Angry Angry Man

23 The End (feat. Heather Matarazzo)