01 Artbroken (feat. Danielle Brooks)
02 Fall Alone
03 On One Tonight
04 Guillotine (California Bound)
05 Human Integratron (feat. Blair Imani)
06 Moonlight
07 The Universe Within (feat. Cheyenne Jackson)
08 Psych Notes (feat. Carrie Fisher)
09 Deceit (feat. Janet Mock)
10 Deeper Well
11 68 Steps
12 Through the Floor
13 How Will I Know (feat. Gabourey Sidibe)
14 Invalid
15 The Young King (feat. Lena Dunham)
16 Topper
17 Scraps (feat. Sarah Rafferty)
18 I Was Here (feat. Akil)
19 We Are Revolting (feat. Debra Messing)
20 Dreams
21 Somewhere Else (feat. Nico Tortorella)
22 The Angry Angry Man
23 The End (feat. Heather Matarazzo)

"Walsh turned to music and, like an endless purge of raw, unfiltered emotion, he put all he had into his lyrics and production. The result, an ambitious 23-song project called ARTBREAK, doesn't hold back, as Walsh bravely explores topics including infidelity, jealousy, and, in the middle of it all, spots of true joy and recovery... Listening to the album is akin to having a front row seat to a tragic pop opera, except everything Walsh sings about is real."

-Paper Magazine

ANTIGLOT cover_small.jpg


01 March
02 Serpent Mound
03 Anna Laura
04 Boadicea
05 Joshua Tree
06 Teotihuacan
07 Alchemical Hermaphrodite
08 Gemini
09 Cellophane
10 Resist
11 See It

Antiglot was released on October 6, 2017. It is an album composed only using vocal layers and body sounds. It was produced by taking input sounds and producing them as though they were instruments, with lead vocals set atop. There are no actual instruments used in the composition, and no lyrics. It is an equally energetic and cathartic collection of songs sometimes meditative, sometimes invigorating inspired by the contemporary American political climate. Cover art was painted by Naya Cheyenne.

You've never heard anything quite like Brad Walsh's new album Antiglot before. Composed entirely of "body sounds" — layered lyric-less vocals and the noise he could make without instruments — the ambitious work is a resonant soundscape, in turns arresting and meditative... Antiglot just might be the cathartic listening experience we all need.

Phenomenal... a complete departure from what [Brad's] done in the past.
AOL Build

Antiglot is modern, melodic, haunting, and sophisticated — with the organic human sounds giving it a strange timeless vulnerability.
The Advocate

From the opening track forward, Brad Walsh's new album Antiglot pulls the mind and spirit to a state of active meditation. For all its mystical elements—and the moments of rhythmic hypnotism—this is not background music... lush and uncommon soundscapes manifest.

Brad Walsh’s new album Antiglot is unlike anything you’ve ever heard before! It’ll both energize and mellow you out, which might sound confusing, but trust us.

Brad Walsh has many voices... he’s known for his outspoken political views/activism on social media... Antiglot has a different sort of voice, though — the set is composed entirely of vocal layers and body sounds. No instruments, no lyrics. ["Boadicea"] beautifully shows off this unusual approach.
—Yahoo Music

ARTWORK - Cover (digital).JPG


01 Available
02 Bottoms Up
03 Nicolette Likes Ladies
04 Easy (feat. Juliana Hatfield)
05 Come Into My World
06 Destroyer
07 Take Everything
08 What Did I Do To You
09 Creases
10 Live in Me (feat. Emm Gryner)
11 Eye in the Night (feat. Luscious Jackson)
12 Bruise
13 Give Me Back My Man (feat. Maria McKee)
---iTunes/Digital Bonus Tracks:
14 Battle Cry
15 Electronirotica
16 Destroyer (Fonzerelli Remix)

Six Infinite was released in October 2016. It included thirteen tracks, plus three digital bonus tracks available on iTunes and other digital retailers. Cover image was photographed by Brad Walsh and art-directed by visual & performance artist Anna Hafner.

A deeply personal guerrilla pop album... [Six Infinite] tells a series of dark-edged stories about love and friendship over layered, haunting electronica beats.

How often does one press play on a new album and feel as if they're hearing something that defies the genres they've known thus far? As a considered, uncommon and cohesive piece of electronic music, Six Infinite makes us excited for all the [music] Walsh will continue to imagine, produce and share.

The album's smooth tones and infectious beats serve as the base for emotional lyrics spurred by a sudden separation... However, Walsh is not just making music; he's using his platform to take a stand for what he believes in.
PAPER Magazine



01 Give Me Back My Man (feat. Maria McKee)
02 Take Everything
03 The Letter (feat. T.O.N.E-z)
04 Creases
05 Escape (feat. Bossy Love)

Brad's Secondary EP was released on March 24, 2016. It included five new songs, and guest appearances from Maria McKee, T.O.N.E-z, and Bossy Love. Cover art was shot at Salvation Mountain in the desert of Niland, California.

Artwork - Digital Cover.jpg


01 Battle Cry
02 Destroyer
03 Live in Me (feat. Emm Gryner)
04 Easy (feat. Juliana Hatfield)
05 Bruise
06 Eye in the Night (feat. Luscious Jackson)

Brad's first new music in four years, the Primary EP, was released on 5 November 2015. It featured six new songs and was the first of two EPs. The first single from Primary was “Destroyer.” Other songs on the EP featured guest appearances from Juliana Hatfield, Emm Gryner, and Luscious Jackson. Paper Magazine called the Primary EP "indie-electro gold" and "a smorgasbord of brooding indie dance music, with beatific synths and pummeling bass." PopCrush called it "vibrant, pulsating" and "a collection of thumping, shape-shifting, left-of-center electronic productions that seeks to shake up the staleness of pop." On November 6, the EP peaked at #1 on the iTunes New Releases Pop chart.

RIGHT NOW (2011)

01 Right Now
02 When the Glitter Washes Away
03 Secret Eater
04 Father
05 'Til You Memorize (limited bonus track)
06 Addicted to the Beat
08 Cheetah
09 Slow A Body Down
10 Drive Into You
11 Hands On

COVER 3.jpg

RUNWAY, VOL. 1 (2010)

01 Control Me (Christian Siriano Fall 2008, Project Runway Season 4)
02 Christian Siriano Spring 2009 (feat. Michael Jurin of Stellastarr)
03 Christian Siriano Fall 2009
04 Christian Siriano Spring 2010 (feat. Alicia Solombrino, Benji Madden, & Amanda Tannen)
05 Christian Siriano Fall 2010
06 Christian Siriano Spring 2011 (Compilation)



2016: T.O.N.E-z: Check My Fresh (feat. Brad Walsh)
2015: Selena Gomez: Good For You (Brad Walsh Remix)
2015: Tove Lo: Talking Body (Brad Walsh Remix)
2015: Taylor Swift: Bad Blood (Brad Walsh Remix)
2015: Strange Names: Ricochet (Brad Walsh Remix)
2013: Lady Gaga: Aura (Brad Walsh Remix)
2013: Alicia Witt: Do It (Brad Walsh Remix)
2012: Gotye: Somebody That I Used To Know (Brad Walsh Remix)
2012: Hustle Roses: Alive (Brad Walsh Remix)
2012: Cedar Park: All By Myself (Brad Walsh Remix) (Dead Daisy Records)
2011: Britney Spears: Hold It Against Me (Brad Walsh Remix)
2011: The B-52's: Juliet of the Spirits (Brad Walsh Remix)
2011: Junior Sanchez feat. Brad Walsh: We Luv the Night (Nervous Records)
2011: Tracy Bonham: Behind Every Good Woman (Brad Walsh Remix)
2011: Juliana Hatfield: Don't Wanna Dance (Brad Walsh Remix)
2010: Operator Please: Volcanic (Brad Walsh Remix) (EMI Australia)
2010: Lady Gaga: Monster (Brad Walsh 5-track Remix EP)
2010: Sarah McLachlan: Loving You Is Easy (Brad Walsh Remix) (Sony/Arista)
2010: Lady Gaga & Beyonce: Telephone (Brad Walsh Remix)
2010: Rihanna: Rude Boy (Brad Walsh Remix)
2010: Kat DeLuna feat. Akon: Push Push (Brad Walsh Remix)
2010: Adam Lambert: Whataya Want From Me (Brad Walsh Remixes) (RCA/Jive)
2010: Databoy: Misinformation (Brad Walsh Remix)
2009: Adam Lambert: For Your Entertainment (Brad Walsh Remix) (RCA/Jive)
2009: Britney Spears: 3 (Brad Walsh Remix)
2009: Kat DeLuna: Unstoppable (Brad Walsh Remix)
2009: Junior Sanchez feat. Good Charlotte: Elevator (Brad Walsh Remix)
2009: Reni Lane: Place For Us (Brad Walsh Remix)
2008: Beyonce: Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) (Brad Walsh Remix)
2008: Britney Spears: Circus (Brad Walsh Remix)
2008: Kanye West: Love Lockdown (Brad Walsh Remix)
2008: Britney Spears: Womanizer (Brad Walsh Remix)
2007: Ashlee Simpson: Outta My Head (Brad Walsh Remix)
2007: Alan MX: Captain America Video (Brad Walsh Remix)
2006: Punk Bunny: G-Spot (Brad Walsh Remix)
2005: FannyPack: NuNu (Brad Walsh Remix)
2005: MIA: Pull Up the People (Brad Walsh Remix)