01 March
02 Serpent Mound
03 Anna Laura
04 Boadicea
05 Joshua Tree
06 Teotihuacan
07 Alchemical Hermaphrodite
08 Gemini
09 Cellophane
10 Resist
11 See It

There are no lyrics for this album. It is composed entirely of lyricless vocal layers and body sounds.

Praise for Antiglot:

You've never heard anything quite like Brad Walsh's new album Antiglot before. Composed entirely of "body sounds" — layered lyric-less vocals and the noise he could make without instruments — the ambitious work is a resonant soundscape, in turns arresting and meditative... Antiglot just might be the cathartic listening experience we all need.
—TIME Magazine

Phenomenal... a complete departure from what [Brad's] done in the past.
—AOL Build

Antiglot is modern, melodic, haunting, and sophisticated — with the organic human sounds giving it a strange timeless vulnerability.
—The Advocate

From the opening track forward, Brad Walsh's new album Antiglot pulls the mind and spirit to a state of active meditation. For all its mystical elements—and the moments of rhythmic hypnotism—this is not background music... lush and uncommon soundscapes manifest.

Brad Walsh’s new album Antiglot is unlike anything you’ve ever heard before! It’ll both energize and mellow you out, which might sound confusing, but trust us.

Brad Walsh has many voices... he’s known for his outspoken political views/activism on social media... Antiglot has a different sort of voice, though — the set is composed entirely of vocal layers and body sounds. No instruments, no lyrics. ["Boadicea"] beautifully shows off this unusual approach.
—Yahoo Music

To celebrate the release of Antiglot, Brad commissioned The Orsano Project to perform a dance piece to the entire album at Pier 59 Studios in New York. View video highlights of that event, filmed by Natasha Harri Fuller, below: